Raising Royalty: To Know Your Kids

When our babes were born, we knew what information was going into their little minds. We knew every word they could say. We knew what scared them, what foods they didn’t like, what people they didn’t like holding them. As they grew, and their personality became set (rumor has it that a child’s personality is pretty much set by age 5) the less I knew or understood what drives them, what their needs are and what motivates them.

I have five children who are all as different in personality as they are in physical appearance. (I call them my miscellaneous children, because they all look so dissimilar.) There are several ways in which I love keeping up with who my children are as they grow and teach them to be the best person they can be as individuals. 

Here are the links to each post (as they are posted I will connect the link.) Enjoy!

The Honesty Policy (keep children from keeping secrets)