Fiction/Young Adult/Fantasy

Coming November 11, 2021


Wingbound Series: A Companion Novella  #3.5

Little Dove. Paloma. Huyana. Orphan Girl. No matter what they called her, she never let it hold her back from getting what she really wanted.

Held hostage on a merchant ship sailing the eastern shores, Huyana, finally takes the chance to return home to find her parents who hid her on that very ship fifteen years before.

Every year she begged to be taken home. And every time the captain refused. Every time she took no for an answer. Until this year.

Heather Trim delivers another fantastic tale in a prequel to the Wingbound Series where no matter how many times you say goodbye there can be even more hellos, if you let them in. 

The Wingbound Series
Book 1: Wingbound
Book 2: Wingless
Book 3: Wingspan
Novella 3.5: Little Dove


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