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Wingbound Series Book #3

The longer they’re missing, the higher chance they’re all dead.

Ledger’s father and many Balfourian men have been taken prisoner by a bloodthirsty tribe of savages. If they are to be rescued, Ledger is going to need an army. But there are precious few left as he struggles to step into the leadership role that’s been thrust upon him.

Tolliver is ready to answer the call to rescue the men of Balfour but his wife, Kava, asks him to stay home. He fights everything within himself to keep his family alive and together.

Alouette has secret plans of her own after the loss of her father and betrothed. To avoid hurting anyone again, she wishes to escape on Ellery and leave behind everyone she’s ever known and loved, especially Ledger.

From an award-winning author, Heather Trim, comes the brilliant finale of the Wingbound Series where family means you’re never a lost cause. 

The Wingbound Series
Book 1: Wingbound
Book 2: Wingless
Book 3: Wingspan
Novella 3.5: Little Dove

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Extremely entertaining and get lost in read. Loved it!!

I have enjoyed every bit of the third and last installment of this series. Wingspan is truly a worthy ending to the trilogy and I loved every second of it.

Wingspan Book Trailer