Heather Trim is the award-winning author of the Wingbound Series, a young adult fantasy series. She’s been a freelance writer and blogging since 2011. She’s written for several local newspapers and magazines, sharing her unique view of the world.

Raised in Upstate New York, she now lives in North Georgia surrounded by family, her husband, Kevin, and five lively teenagers. Creativity brings her life. If she isn’t writing, doing ministry, graphic designing, bullet journaling, playing overly complicated board games, or reading, she’s probably out gazing at the clouds daydreaming and wishing she had wings.


With over 25 years in ministry, she works alongside her parents, Tim and Katie Mather, running a Christian retreat center called Bear Creek Ranch, where folks come from all over the world to receive ministry. She stepped into the role of Executive Director in November 2018, organizing and leading the family ministry into the future.


Heather has been a graphic designer with TrimVentures since 2001, creating beautiful websites, book covers, print media, and other graphics. 


GENRE: Middle Grade, Fantasy, Mystery, Christmas
STATUS: In the hands of Beta Readers
COMING: Possibly Fall 2023
SYNOPSISTwelve-year-old Via is forced to wear a back brace after being diagnosed with severe scoliosis. She is embarrassed and refuses to attend her school Christmas concert. All she wants to do is hide. But when her favorite figurine goes missing, she is magically transported into her miniature Christmas village. Via goes on a journey where she finds more than just her lost figurine.

BOOK: {Working title: Love Touch}COMING: TBD
GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy
STATUS: Outlining; Possible new series!
SYNOPSIS: (no spoilers available!)

Awards & Recognition

WINGBOUND - 2016 FIRST PLACE - The Hal Bernard Memorial Award for Novel
WINGBOUND - 2017 FIRST PLACE - The Vega Award for Speculative Fiction

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