fiction / middle grade / fantasy



by Heather Trim

This heartwarming Christmas tale will have you believing in the power of miracles!

Twelve-year-old Via has been diagnosed with severe scoliosis and forced to wear a back brace and seeks comfort in her family's ceramic Christmas village. But she notices something is missing—her favorite figurine.

Either by miracle or magic, Via and her mother are suddenly transported into the Victorian Christmas village on a journey of self-discovery. Along the way, she realizes that it's not only the figurine that was lost, but a part of herself that can only be found in the enchanting world of Snowy Valley.

With captivating characters and a powerful story of courage and hope, it is sure to be another Christmas favorite you’ll return to year after year. 

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The Book Launch Party

The LOST IN SNOWY VALLEY Book Launch Party was held at 100% Chiropractic in Cartersville! It was a winter wonderland of adventure as we celebrated the release of this exciting new book. We immersed ourselves in the enchanting world of Snowy Valley and met the author and illustrator behind the magic. 

Thank you to all who took part in this extraordinary opportunity to be part of the snowy festivities!


Not just for Christmas! Heather is really a master at transporting you to a different place like a dream. Such detail! And of course there are healing, faith filled lessons to be learned. Sometimes when you receive bad news, something hard to deal with, you need some time and perspective. Aimed at young adults but lovely for old adults too. Another hit! I highly recommend it, would make an excellent gift.

This sweet Christmas story is more than a fairytale. While it's an enchanting idea to be transported into a ceramic village full of Christmas spirit, the story contains a message of courage and love - not just for children with scoliosis.

Every child who has ever set up or played with a home Christmas village has imagined themselves as part of the snowy Victorian scene. We all have—or had—our favorite figurine and would be heartbroken if it disappeared. In Lost in Snowy Valley, Heather Trim simultaneously serves us a Christmas mystery of a beloved figurine gone missing and the coming-of-age story of a pre-teen girl struggling with a difficult diagnosis and her relationships with her mother, music, and God against the magical backdrop of a Christmas village come to life. This sweet, enchanting, and heartfelt novella is a delightful tale for tween daughters and mothers alike, as well as fans of cozy Christmas movies.

Oh boy. If you want to get in the mood for Christmas with a heartwarming and heartfelt story, then this is your go to this Christmas. Heathers writing style is easy going and she paints the picture just perfectly. You almost feel like you’re there in the story with Via and her mother. I love the tiny details she has put in the story for the Victorian time. I do have a soft spot for Victorian stories, so she had me there. Heather does have the talent to make people feel what the main character is feeling and you get why Via thinks how she thinks.

~ Anne Ter Horst, Fantastic Books and Why to Read Them

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