by Heather Trim

Fiction/Young Adult/Fantasy


Wingbound Series: Book 3

After finally returning home, brothers Ledger and Tolliver find it inevitable to leave again and rescue their father from a brutal savage tribe.

Fiction/Young Adult/Fantasy

Wingless by Heather TrimWINGLESS

Wingbound Series: Book 2

Imprisoned on a floating island, four wingless friends need to get home before an assassin strikes at the heart of Balfour. 

Fiction/Young Adult/Fantasy


Wingbound Series: Book 1

Ledger befriends a girl with wings from an enemy village. She lives on a floating island that circles their world. One year when the island returns empty, he boards it against his village’s wishes in search of her.

Non-Fiction/Young Adult/Spirituality


Supernatural Superheroes is a book for kids to learn practical information about God, His angels, and how some became demons.