**The Launch Team is on summer break! We will be getting back in the action in August!**

As a launch team member, you have early access to the novel! Launch team members are encouraged to read and review the book, tell their friends about it, attend the online book launch party (and win prizes), and if their budget allows, purchase the book on release day. 


  1. Collect book reviews
  2. Sell more than 100 books on launch day
  3. Hand out fliers in places I've never been
  4. Share social media posts 
  5. Engage with book clubs & writing clubs
  6. Get endorsements from other Young Adult fiction authors
  7. Reach the top of Amazon's bestseller list for young adult fantasy!


1. Sign up using the form below. I'll add you to the Book Launch FACEBOOK GROUP. If you've never been in a group, it's a place where I will share the weekly challenges, updates, you can share encouragement, and I can hand out prizes.
(If you're not on Facebook, no problem, we will just share via email.)

2. Each week I will post to the Facebook group something for you to do to help get the word out. You may participate as much or as little as you want. The more you participate, the better chance of winning a big prize that month!
Example: Share a meme, book quote, or book trailer video to your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

3. We can't have fun without prizes! If you participate, (whether it's once month, once a week, or once a day) your name will go in the hat each time to win some fun things at the end of each month!