Introducing: Raising Royalty

To introduce my concept of “Raising Royalty,” which is a series of parenting views, tips, ideas and spiritual encouragement, I thought I’d share the big "why" about the name.

We have been watching a show on Netflix based in the medieval times and around the story of King Arthur. It’s a British show called “Merlin.” Even if you haven’t seen this show, we’ve all seen or read or heard of the middle ages, kings, princes, royalty or have some vague idea about royalty.

As we watched Arthur through the eyes of Merlin on this show I started to notice the practices and training it took for Arthur to fulfill his role as a royal. He knows he will be king someday. He knows the code of honor and chivalry. He lives and breathes his heritage every day.

What Arthur does not know is how to live as a pauper or an indentured servant. He doesn’t even have the posture of a peasant. He IS royalty.

In this same way I want my children to live and breathe “Kingdom of God thinking.”

I don’t want my children to just be “religious” people. I don’t want them to just pray now and then or attend church because they think it is the “right thing to do.” I want them to have a lively, interactive relationship with the Living God. I want that to happen as a result of being raised in a royal home—a Kingdom of Heaven home that has bred them to BE spiritual royalty and spiritual warriors.

I want them to act like Children of the King. Be prince (or princess) alongside the Prince of Peace. And when they are adults, become the kings of their own domains. (Adults with authority on earth and in the heavenlies.)

Here are a few of the posts I am working on: (I will connect a link as these are posted.)

Upcoming Topics:

  • Combating Lies in Kids
  • Guarding Children’s Hearts
  • Know Your Kids (a series, with book suggestions)
  • No Secret Left Behind (teaching kids to not keep secrets)
  • Us Against The World (family unity)
  • Sibling Rivalry and Conflict Resolution
  • Common Sense Requests (Don’t ask if you know I will say “no” concept)

We, as parents, want the best for our children. We want them to see farther and go farther (especially spiritually) than we ever have. I hope you will be encouraged by these posts. Check back soon for links to these posts as they go live.