Secrets of the Supernatural: Demonization Is...

If the Bible is true, then God exists, angels exist and demons (including Satan) exist. So if demons really exist, what have they been doing all these years on earth? Sipping mocha?
Demons have a plan. That plan is to Steal, Kill and Destroy.
"The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." John 10:10


Some call it demon “possession,” but that isn’t an accurate word because it infers “ownership.” Demons cannot own us. Demonization is when a demon has attached to a person and influnces them.

Who can be demonized? 

Short answer: anyone can be demonized. (Notice I didn’t say everyone is.) YES, Christians can be demonized. There are 1/3 of a gazillion demons out there, that’s probably enough for the whole world to have at least one if not several (or a hundred.)
“But how can I be demonized? I’m a good Christian person?”
Well, I’ll explain a few ways that I’ve seen. There may be more but it really stems from one major thing: 

Spiritual Darkness (aka: sin.)

Where does this darkness come from?
1.    We are born with original sin. (Adam & Eve’s sin, remember?)
2.    We are born with the sins of fore-fathers (and mothers.)
3.    And we sin too, because we are human. (Bummer.)
Demons attach themselves to the darkness in our hearts. It’s that secret place we think no one knows about—the demons know because they were there when it occured. They saw it happen (or they made it happen) and saw how you reacted. So, I’ll explain how it happened to me as a demonstration of how one can become demonized. (Yes, I was demonized.)
Remember all that stuff I described from my childhood and seeing scary stuff in my room at night? (Click here & read if you missed it.) Well, I was filled with complete and utter fear to the point that it began to influence my actions. A "Spirit of Fear" saw how it could manipulate my emotions and eventually my whole life with fear. I was first afraid of the dark, then it convinced me I was afraid of bugs, then it told me I was afraid of people, of new places, of anything unknown and on and on.
Eventually, the Spirit of Fear influenced my every action—where I was, who I was with. I didn’t have many friends because people freaked me out too much. It didn't "own" me, but it knew my weak spots and attacked me there. Fear became such an integral part of who I was that I felt so inferior and overwhelmed all the time. On the outside, I may have appeared calm and happy. But on the inside I was quaking with fear and it kept me from living a full and normal life.

To break it down for you:

FIRST, something happens and a demon sees how it can influence us:
a.        We sin and keep it a secret. (Secret sins are like putting a target on your back… yikes.)
b.        Major traumas are a big doorway for the demonic, like any kind of abuse: sexual, verbal, physical.
c.        Rejection by family or friends. Absent parents. The list goes on. (Sadly.)
d.        And of course, HEREDITY. (“Sins of the father” like I mentioned before.)

SECONDLY, if you don’t deal with any of these traumas, then they form darkness in your heart. (It’s like rolling around in slop and never taking a bath… the “germs” will take over! Ew!)
THIRD, demons inhabit darkness… hence, if we have darkness in our hearts, they will find it, they will latch on and begin to manipulate us and ruin relationships, opportunities and such.
This is a disheartening subject because we endure damage in the physical world and the supernatural enemy takes advantage of it using it against us. We are chained like a prisoner and have no idea. God of the Universe didn’t create us so that we’d be tortured until death. He offers hope and freedom.

But how?
Deliverance. (And that’s a-whole-nother subject...)