Raising Royalty: Combating Lies In Kids

Ever have one of those moments with one of your children where their reaction doesn’t match the situation? There may be a festering lie underneath the surface of that reaction. Here is a way to address that wounded place and give our kids the ability to combat the lies.

As I’ve been journeying through Wholeness and Inner Healing after deliverance the biggest thing for me is reprogramming the lies that the demons had left. As I have been facing my own lies and retraining my mind, I have been finding freedom from my old fearful way of living. I also can see the source of those lies weren’t always just demons. They were from me too. I would have one fearful thought then a situation would confirm that lie in one way or another, even as a young school child.

So I realized the need to show my children how to combat the lies.

For several reasons:

  1. These lies sometimes stick with us through to adulthood. (Issues.)
  2. These lies make a dark place in our hearts, giving room for the enemy to move in and manipulate that area of darkness in our hearts. (Demonization.)
Both reasons are motivation enough for me to teach my kids to reject lies at an early age. Maybe they will have less “issues” when they are older. Maybe they will never become demonized. (This is my biggest hope.) The less lies, the less issues, the less demonic influence the better chance they will have at having an uninterrupted, intimate relationship with God and live a life of love. That would be awesome!

My kids are the ultimate science supernatural experiment!

Incident of the Lie

A moment came about when one of my daughters, Warrior Princess, was having a meltdown. From my point of view it was no big deal. I thought at first she was just acting pre-pubescent. But when I removed her from the situation and talked to her about why she was reacting so badly, she revealed to me the source of her meltdown. It was a LIE.

Her siblings were all playing pretend together in the backyard. She got sick of the game and wanted to play something else. She asked and pleaded for them to play something else. No one wanted to. She came up with new ideas to play. No one wanted to. (At one point, she even tattled on them—tattling didn’t help her much.) So she started yelling at them and crying. She got rather hysterical. She was a mess by the time I got to her.

All the kids told the same story, so I pulled her inside for a chat. After the tears subsided, she told me the story. (Interestingly, it was the same as the other kids.) We talked until we got to the source. I asked her what the words are that she tells herself, or that hears inside her head. She said, “No one likes me.” 

I stopped her right there.

Every kid will face this issue at least once (if not 100) times in their lives--I know I did--no matter if they are homeschooled or go to public school.

I asked her if that was really true. She nodded yes. I wanted to scream and pull my hair! My baby thinks that no one likes her! What?! (I can only imagine how God feels when all His kids think this about themselves!)

So I started with the basics. “Even if no one on earth is acting as if they like you, there is One Person that always does... God.”

Her eyes brightened and I continued, “And besides Him, I like you very much.”

She got a little embarrassed, because she didn’t think that far into it. Then I mentioned her older sister (Lady Pink), the one who was giving her the most problems playing outside. “She is your best friend. Do you really think that she doesn’t like you?”

She said, “She acts like she doesn’t even want to play with me.”

“That’s not the same as not liking you,” I told her. “She has the right to not play with you. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you.”

She got it. But I didn’t want to stop there. I want her to feel freedom from that lie so I had her undo what she said out loud because our words have the power to bind things in heaven and earth.  I had her say, “I am likeable” to loose that lie. I even had her repeat out loud all the people who like her, starting with God. 

I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” Matthew 16:18-20

I told her that people let those lies stay in their hearts and get bigger and messier, inviting more lies. I challenged her to continue undoing that lie by saying, “I am likeable” whenever she feels it coming up again. And especially if ever she thinks those awful words of “no one likes me” again. I wished I had thought of praying over that wound in her heart at that moment. Later that week, I prayed healing over her and ask Father to do His handiwork in her heart. (He's good like that!)

A Challenge

This is a simple example, but lies blossom out of the smallest things. Because if she would have continued to believe that no one likes her, who’s to say she wouldn’t believe other lies like, “I’m ugly” or “I am worthless” or “I am intolerable.” Or “I am unimportant.” That last one was my big lie for a long time. {blush}

I challenge you to pursue the lies in your children (and yourself.) Teach them to undo them, teach them to reprogram them and pray over those wounded places. This is what I believe the Bible was talking about when said to guard our hearts.

My son, pay attention to what I say; turn your ear to my words.
Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart;
 for they are life to those who find them and health to one’s whole body.
Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.
Keep your mouth free of perversity;
keep corrupt talk far from your lips.
Let your eyes look straight ahead; fix your gaze directly before you.
Give careful thought to the paths for your feet and be steadfast in all your ways.
Do not turn to the right or the left; keep your foot from evil.
Proverbs 4:20-27