Secrets of the Supernatural: What is More Real?

What is more real? The spirit realm or the physical realm?

God was never created; He didn’t create Himself; He didn’t burst into Godliness out of a puddle of slime. He always was. But that also means that the spirit realm was always there and Jesus was always there.

The spirit realm was here first, therefore, logic would say that it is the more real. People walk around like what we see in the physical is the only reality.

Imagine your life is as a book (Mine would be a paranormal romance—my fav!). So in your chapters there’s the storyline of you being totally awesome. You’re the main character, of course, but what about the subplots? What about the rest of reality? You know that creepy feeling that you’re being watched? It’s another plot running alongside yours that you can’t see. Regardless if anyone believes it or not. It’s there.

Meanwhile, the supernatural beings are having this war/party around us and we’re staring at all the wall thinking we’re all alone.

Far from alone…


God is omnipresent, which means “everywhere at the same time.” So, not only is God currently standing next to you, He’s with me and all the billions of people in the world.


Angels are NOT everywhere all the time, but God made gazillions of them for His service.

Most people stop there and are okay with the existence of the spirit realm. But there is more…


A beautiful angel named Lucifer was kicked out of heaven because he thought he was as awesome as God. God sent him to the earth. But one-third of a gazillion angels went with Lucifer. I’m no mathematician but I’m thinking that’s a lot of fallen angels. (The Bible calls these fallen angels “demons.”)  

What do you suppose they’ve been doing all these years?

So Lucifer and 1/3 of a gazillion demons are walking around messing with our lives because he got himself exiled and he’s taking it out on us. And don’t ‘cha know that Lucifer has been lying to us about EVERYTHING, trying to make it all seem like a myth--like unicorns or leprechauns. He's hiding the truth from us. If he convinces us that he doesn't exist, then we will never be able to get rid of him and his minions.

But there is a sizable amount of people who know there’s something else out there. We ache for that spiritual connection. We have that sense that there’s more. So Lucifer was resourceful—he started counterfeiting. People are connecting with ghosts, specters, and dead people—which are all just demons pretending. We are searching for something beyond the physical and being fooled by anything that might give us answers, just to feel connected with the spirit realm.

What we have here is a conspiracy to hide this supernatural from us. Lucifer has set this whole thing up to erase our connection to the spirit realm (and, of course, to mess with our connection to the Ultimate Spirit—God.)

God is very real. The spirit realm is real. Angels are real. And demons are real and will fool us any chance they get. Let’s not be fooled anymore. Let’s get educated.