Writerly Weirdness You Don't Think About: Signing Books

Everyone knows a lot of thought and work goes into writing an entire novel. Even though it may actually be ten times more than what the average person thinks it is (especially with fantasy novels because you have to create the world, laws of nature, governments, cultures, weather, and more.) 

But one thing that I never knew took a lot of thought was signing books. Sure anyone can sit down and write their name in a book. But what about those signing phrases that have become so popular?

I love getting signed books and one thing I see they have in common is saying something to the reader, about the book. Many of them say something about enjoying the "adventure." Others are specific to me (because they are my writer friends.)

Well if you're sitting at a signing table, scribbling in ten, fifty, or a hundred books for the people standing in front of you, there's no time to consider who this person is, and what they mean to you. That would be awesome if I could be that thoughtful! LOL! 

So my solution is two-fold. #1 to think of something I'd like to say to each one of them that coincides with the theme of the book. (Although, THEY don't know it at the time, because they haven't read it yet. Hehehe!) And #2 something that encourages them at the same time. 

Wingbound's signing phrase was birthed out of something from the back of the book: "Following the rules isn’t always the right thing to do when you were born to be the exception."

This stems from the main character, Ledger, wanting to be good and follow the rules, but their rules are wrong and go against everything Ledger is. He sees good in everyone and when he meets a girl with wings from the enemy floating island, he breaks the rules and befriends her. Because of who he is inside, he is the exception to their rules and causes some amazing things to happen as a result. So my signing phrase is about him and an encouragement to the reader, "Be the exception!" 

Now Book 2 is here and I have to start again. Check out these scribbles...

It was hard enough to come up with the first one, the second one is even harder. Wingless is all about the world believing differences are a BAD thing, but in the scope of life, they're not. It's what makes each person unique and special. 

Even people's personal limitations are seen as horrible or unacceptable. People judge themselves harshly, just like Ledger does: "I'm a wimp, no one listens to me, I must hide my insecurities." But like the back of the book says, "Your most daunting limitation can be your greatest weapon." Ledger's limitations are what make him special and qualified to do what he sets out to do. That's the same for you! Your limitations aren't bad or evil, they can be your greatest weapon or your best thing that helps get you where you want to go. 

I'll be signing Wingless with this one simple phrase: "Don't hide your greatness." And by that, I'm not talking about your strengths. I'm talking about your limitations. Don't hide your limitations. Just be yourself, in your full glory! You are unique and specifically qualified to be the best you!

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How to Beta Read for Heather Trim


  1. How is the story/plot overall, beginning to end? Did you like the beginning? Was the ending satisfying?
  2. How is the story/plot in each chapter? Is there a chapter that is too slow, or nothing happens and you think it could be more interesting? Is there too much action at a certain point?
  3. Are there any MAJOR inconsistencies? (ie: is everyone accounted for in a scene? Is something big missing from the plot? Is something missing from the action? etc)
  4. Are there any MINOR inconsistencies? (ie: Are objects/props accounted for or suddenly missing? Is someone’s physical description inconsistent? Is each character's language and behavior consistent? etc)
  5. Is there anything you see that should be altered? (ie: Overused phrases/words? What the characters say? Inner thoughts of Ledger or Tolliver? A plot point that is unbelievable or unrealistic?)

If you have an eye for grammar, punctuation, and word usage, feel free to edit, but just know that it will be sent to a professional Copyeditor for in depth line editing. But if there is anywhere that is hard to read (grammatically) please feel free to point it out. 

If you'd like to be a Beta Reader, please fill out this Beta Reader Interview.

Tristeh - Character Sketch

Hollis's beloved pet from WINGBOUND


Tristeh (meaning: French for “sad”.)

WINGBOUND Fan Art Contest

Congratulations to our Winners! 

KAVA - Character Sketch

Main Character’s Brother’s Girlfriend


Kava (an herb used for anti-anxiety)
She is the daughter of the village herbalist/healer.

ANGUS - Character Sketch

Main Character’s Cousin


Angus (meaning: "one strength")

TOLLIVER - Character Sketch

The Older Brother - The Mentor - WINGBOUND


Tolliver (meaning: "metalworker")

HOLLIS - Character Sketch

The Girl Next Door - BFF - WINGBOUND


Hollis (Meaning: “dweller at the holly trees”)