How to Beta Read for Heather Trim


Beta Readers come in all different forms. Some authors need them to give a thumbs up or thumbs down. Some authors need their Beta Readers to edit grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. 

I bring on Beta Readers who are good at (and for the purpose of) Developmental Editing, which means they give me feedback on the story, plot, character development, point of view, etc. 


  1. How is the story/plot overall, beginning to end? Did you like the beginning? Was the ending satisfying?
  2. How is the story/plot in each chapter? Is there a chapter that is too slow, or nothing happens and you think it could be more interesting? Is there too much action at a certain point?
  3. Are there any MAJOR inconsistencies? (ie: is everyone accounted for in a scene? Is something big missing from the plot? Is something missing from the action? etc)
  4. Are there any MINOR inconsistencies? (ie: Are objects/props accounted for or suddenly missing? Is someone’s physical description inconsistent? Is each character's language and behavior consistent? etc)
  5. Is there anything you see that should be altered? (ie: Overused phrases/words? What the characters say? Inner thoughts of Ledger or Tolliver? A plot point that is unbelievable or unrealistic?)

If you have an eye for grammar, punctuation, and word usage, feel free to edit, but just know that it will be sent to a professional Copyeditor for in depth line editing and a proofreader after that. 

Although, if there is anywhere that is hard to read (grammatically) please feel free to point it out. 

If this sounds like something you'd be good at, fill out the application to be a Beta Reader.