Hope for Daydreamers

Last weekend I released my first fiction novel. I’ve realized three things as Wingbound hit bookstore shelves that rocked me to the core. Writing fiction starts 100% in your own head. You find the characters, get to know them. You enter the setting and describe it. You follow where the story-plot naturally goes. But it exists entirely in your own head and heart. Then once it is complete, other people start reading it and entering into this world you created. They are looking into that secret place. They are forming opinions about it. And it’s rather world-rocking!


#1 - Where I was once alone in the writing process, people are joining me in this new world I created. Some will like it. Some will not. And either way, it’s okay. If they have any reaction at all to what I’ve written, that means I did my job. I gave them an experience. It’s not just my story anymore. Once you read it, that world is now yours too.

#2 - I have a wonderful support system. I started a Launch Team three months before Wingbound was released. I asked for support, encouragement, and help getting the word out about this indie author’s first book. I don’t know if you know this, but indie authors have to do everything themselves. In 2016 I attended a writer’s conference and heard the publisher-in-residence say, “Publishing is a team sport.” If you traditionally publish, you have a built-in team. If you self/indie publish, you build your own team. But you have to be willing to build that team. It took me two years to build my sweet little team, and I anticipate that team expanding as I publish more books. My Book Launch Team for Wingbound was fabulous. They shared about my book on social media, to their friends in person, and encouraged me along the way. I had an online Facebook party and they attended. I had a live launch party at a local bookstore and they attended. They helped me reach my launch week book sale goals and more. (If you want to hear more about my team and/or to join, go to my BLT Page.) Where as I started this journey alone, has come to completion being carried by my fabulous support system!

#3 - I’ve given the “daydreamers” hope. The coolest thing about launching this specific book, Wingbound, is that it started in a daydream while cloud gazing. (Read more Q&A of behind the scenes.) There have been bunches of kids (and adults!) who’ve reacted in surprise, “You daydream too?” They are told to stop daydreaming and do their work, stop scribbling stories on bits of paper. But I say DON’T stop doing that! Keep daydreaming. Keep your head in the clouds. And keep weaving those crazy tales! One day they will be a book with a beautiful cover that you get to share with your family, friends, and the world!


I am so grateful for each and every person who connected with me during this book launch, whether it was about the book, or just because we happened to cross paths. Thank you for your love and support. Let's stay connected and talk often!