The publishing process is officially complete this week. So many things were going on behind the scenes to make WINGBOUND perfect for reading. Its cover is complete. The text is complete. And I’ve placed a huge order of books for Launch Day. I can’t WAIT to open that box!!


I started a Book Launch Team on Facebook where my friends (new and old) are supporting me by sharing, commenting, and interacting with me leading up to the big Launch Day. They get to see behind the curtain and the cool stuff I get to do as a debut author. I received a huge package last week with a four-foot tall stand up poster of the WINGBOUD cover. It was so fun to open on-camera. I opened a second package and was surprised to find the proof copy of the hardcover! I nearly cried! It’s so cool to share this with them. Their love and support has kept me grounded through all of this.

If you’d like to join the group, it is still open for more. I’d love to hang you!


Starting in January 2018, my publicist started pitching WINGBOUND to book reviewers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then in February, the reviews started rolling in! They’re posting to social media, blogs, and Goodreads. I’m getting some really great reviews so far! I’m so proud that people “get” my characters. They love the world I painted. And were surprised by the plot!

On top of the reviewers, I am giving the Book Launch Team a chance to read it before it is released. Someone has posted every single week that they finished it, loved it, and why. (Several mentioned they love the dragon!) It’s so much fun that everyone is enjoying WINGBOUND! My heart could burst!


The next big challenges are TWO Launch Parties. Yes! Two!! We can’t just have one! One will be ONLINE and the other IN PERSON at a local bookstore.

1.      Friday, March 23, 2018 at 7PM EST, my publicist and friend will host a party with tons of giveaways! Go here to RSVP and attend this event online.

2.      Saturday, March 24, 2018 at 2PM at FoxTale Book Shoppe, we will be gathering together to celebrate the release of WINGBOUND. My sis (and BFF) will host the party with more giveaways, book signing, and special treats. RSVP to attend this live event.


I was introduced yesterday as an author for the first time. It was like I just got married and someone called me Mrs. Trim for the first time. I am so honored to become part of the world of authors. This has been a dream of mine for a long time. And now… I made it happen. All it took was a LOT of hard word! 

I have SO many more books brewing! Let’s do this!