Secrets of the Supernatural: Cutting the Curse Line

Breaking the generational curse line between parent and child is quite a gift. It is so simple to do that it can be done in a very laid-back setting. No need for fanfare or showy prayers. Older kids may need an explanation; younger kids may not even notice what you’re doing. Do your best to explain it so they understand. For teen and adult children, even those who don’t follow Jesus, you should explain it in simple terms and then ask their permission to pray for them.

What is a Curse Line?

It is the tie between you and your family and all of the generations before you. All the affects of the sins of the fathers (and mothers) are passed down through each generation, compiling on the next generations.
…for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me. Exodus 20:5
This provides a doorway for spiritual darkness which is a source of demonization. There are physical, health, behavioral, and destructive traits being passed down through this Generational Curse Line.


Genes are passed down from parent to child. You have your mother’s nose, or your dad’s eyes, or as skinny as a rail like your grandpa. It’s our physical makeup.


What’s the first thing you do when you go to a new doctor? Fill out a family history. Grandma has glaucoma, granddad has heart problems, dad has high blood pressure, etc. We are susceptible to the health issues of our relatives because their blood runs through our veins.


Another connection to the previous generations is the fact that we act just like them. We try so hard to avoid it, but we’re overly sensitive just like our mother or stubborn like our father, or always have to be right like Grandma Jones. Maybe you’ve noticed a cycle in your own family.

Destructive Traits

Alcoholism, mental illness and other such things are passed down through the generations too. Sadly, anger-driven or abusive people produce angry children. Maybe you know someone whose mother had a child out of wedlock and now your friend is pregnant and alone. It’s not bad luck, or coincidence. It is the affects of sin, or curses, being passed down.
It all trickles down and just keeps going until someone breaks the line. This is the curse line. It is not demons being passed down, it is the affects of sin.
We are all born into the mess we call “Original Sin” from when Adam and Eve disobeyed God. Curses are passed from generation to generation. Centuries later, here we are with no hope for freedom because not only do we have the curses of our own sins, but the sins of our father/mother, and their parents and their parents and their parents—until we’re buried in a mess of curses.
Cutting the curse line in a deliverance session is crucial to freedom. In the supernatural realm the curse line can look like a rope or a cord coming out the back of the person. It isn’t necessary to know who the curse line came from, or what kind of curses came down through them. If you’re born of a human, in all likelihood you have a curse line.
The great thing is that afterward, we don’t have to be tied to the things with which the generations before us struggled.

Cutting the Curse Line

If you’ve undergone Prophetic Deliverance with one of our associated teams or at Bear Creek Ranch, you’ve already had a front row seat at your curse line severing. Here is a simple step-by-step that will refresh your memory for use on your children:
Step 1: Go to where they are, whether they are playing with Legos or coloring. Tell them you are going to pray for them. Put your hand on their back, at about the level of the heart (which is where most curse lines are attached.) You don’t have to actually see it in the supernatural to know it’s there.
Step 2: Pray, “In the name of Jesus I command (child’s name)’s curse line to be broken.”
Step 3: Read a verse or two from the Bible. Reading from the Word of God (Sword of the Spirit) causes a supernatural slice through the curse line, and that is the goal.

How do I know it’s cut?

Trust. Most of what happens in the supernatural is difficult for people to perceive, understand, or trust that it is real. We have trusted Father to cut these curse lines with this method for many years with actual, positive results.

Who can and cannot break the curse line?

Only with the permission of one or both parents (or legal guardian) can the curse line be broken.
Both parents can pray over the child together or one parent can ask the permission of the other (because of absence: military, travel, divorce but shared custody, etc).
When“Legal rights” are unique, it is the responsibility of the legal guardian. In situations of divorce and one parent has full custody, that parent has all parental rights and can do it on their own. If you’ve adopted a child, it is your legal right to cut the curse line between the child and their birth-parents and any possible curse line between you and the adopted child.
Grandparents cannot break curse lines from their grandchild without permission from the child’s parents unless they are the legal guardian and have full rights.
An excerpt from "Are My Children Demonized?" by Heather Trim & Tim Mather. Available at Bear Creek Ranch Bookstore.