Are My Children Demonized? by Heather Trim and Tim Mather

A booklet for parents that is helpful for answering questions after attending a Deliverance Retreat at Bear Creek Ranch.

After parents have undergone deliverance through Bear Creek Ranch the questions start coming. What about my children? Are they demonized? Can I do deliverance on them? My generational curse line is now broken, but what about theirs?
We are answering these questions based on what it looks like from our domain, from what we know about the supernatural realm and have experienced through all our years of deliverance ministry.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: When Deliverance May Be Needed

Chapter 2: When Deliverance May Not Be Needed

Chapter 3: Can I Do Deliverance on My Child?

Chapter 4: Breaking The Generational Curse Line

This 18 page booklet is available at the Bear Creek Ranch bookstore.

Supernatural Children Series:
Book 1: Are My Children Demonized?
Book 2: Supernatural Superheroes