Review: FALLEN by Lauren Kate

TITLE: Fallen
AUTHOR: Lauren Kate
GENRE: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
PUBLISHED: December 8, 2009 - Delacorte Books for YA 


A tragedy forces Luce to attend a reform school in FALLEN. She’d grown up seeing spooky, shadowy things following her around.  Luce likes two different gorgeous boys attending the school with her, Daniel and Cam. Cam is safe, charming and eager to win her attention. Daniel is intense and rude to her.  Luce makes a choice between the two boys and finds there is much more going on than choosing to love one over the other. The shadows begin to intensify as she researches about the boy she really likes.


As a whole the story was intriguing and leaves me wondering what’s next for these two “star-crossed lovers.” There is only a smidgen of background given on what is actually going on. It’s interesting enough for me to want to read the second book, 

The supernatural aspect was interesting and I loved how it brought the biblical proof of angels into the book. I’d like to see where the rest of the story goes, because it ends abruptly. There are bazillions of unanswered questions. What is going on with this school? What’s with the shadows? What’s with all the angels? Why does the world seem to revolve around this one human?

Supernatural Assessment:

One issue I had with the story was the discrepancies with the motives of the angels and demons. I don't get why people think there is such a gray area in the supernatural realm. Angels are good and have already chosen to stay on God's team. Fallen Angels are demons who are bad and have already chosen the "dark side." There's something weird going on in this book that I just don't get. Why is Daniel portrayed as a good angel but called a fallen angel? Fallen angel = demon. Why doesn't he know whose side he's on? Not only that Angels wouldn't act so human and fall in love with one. Only a demon would do that. It's called an incubus. (Look it up.) But Lauren Kate wrote a fiction piece so I'll get over it... for now.


It is odd to me that this is the only storyline in this book. There could have been more than just this love triangle going on to make it more interesting. The supernatural discrepancies are kinda awkward. But the cover is so darn pretty. I’d rate it at a 2. Fair: Not quite worth it. I only liked a few things about it. Read if you dare.

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