The Wingbound Series welcomed a new family member. LITTLE DOVE is a companion novella about the origins of one of everyone's favorite characters. 

She is dynamic, stubborn, and old as dirt in the Wingbound Series. But in LITTLE DOVE, Grandmother Huyana is young, plucky, and a force to be reckoned with. Huyana finally shares the whole truth about her tumultuous past.

Warning: Read LITTLE DOVE last (after all 3 books) so the mind blowing spoilers don't ruin it for you!

Heather Trim, an award-winning author, retreat center executive director, and professional daydreamer, inspires with her unique perspective of spirituality and the world. She lives in Georgia with her husband, Kevin, and five lively teenagers. Heather enjoys bullet journaling, complicated board games, graphic design, and reading too much.

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