Nine Weeks Until Publication

With the release of WINGBOUND becoming more and more public, friends (new and old) are asking how things are going with the publishing process, being a mom, wife, ministry, and writing book two. It takes more than a Facebook post to really share that bulky answer. So here it is!


As you may already know, I am publishing my first novel. WINGBOUND has been edited to within an inch of its life by a professional editor. In December 2017 sent it to a proofreader for an estimate on how much it would cost to do "one last" proofread. In her reply she said that she usually takes two excerpts and edits those for a sample of her skills and sends it back with the cost. Well, apparently, she didn't find anything to edit. How awesome is that?! WINGBOUND is clean and ready. (Although, I did read it aloud one more time to catch any last details... but there wasn't much. Maybe 8 in all 73,000 words.) So I swear... I'm DONE editing!


WINGBOUND was finished with formatting by the end of the second week of January. Now it is presentable as an ebook, softcover, and hardcover book. Apparently you have to format for each type book you'd like to create. If you're in my Book Launch Team, you know the ebook is being read by my faithful Team. (Join here to read it free before release.) It looks so pretty on my Kindle!!


I've had the book cover design for quite sometime, now it is being laid out for a softcover and hardcover. At this point it feels like I'm seven months pregnant. There are only two months to go, and I can't WAIT to hold my beautiful baby in my hands!


All the plans are coming together for launching the book. I have a mountain of ideas for the next nine weeks. I've hired a publicist to help me promote it to the world and book reviewers (and a whole lot more.) I'm creating fan merchandise. (T-shirts should be ready next month.) I'm mailing bookmarks to the Book Launch Team, so they can leave them around their cities in coffee shops and places I'd never be able to reach on my own.

The biggest and best plan is launch weekend: I have two parties planned! On Friday, March 23, 2018 we will have an online launch party for all my friends and fans to log on and win prizes. THEN on Saturday, I'll be at Books-A-Million for an in-real-life book launch party hosted by two of the awesomest people: Kevin (my handsome hubby) and Pam (my schnazzy sister.) I can't even begin to imagine the cool things our combined efforts will conjure up. I'm pretty sure I'm coming in costume!


So that is where I am. Seven months pregnant with a book that you guys will love. And I know when you finish it, you will need book two ASAP. I've written about 1/3 of book two and plan to release it in the Fall of 2018 because waiting an entire year to release seems like torture (for you and for me!) Meanwhile, between ministry and family, things are quite busy around here. My 2018 resolution is to start my day reading in my pajamas and sipping coffee. (Currently reading an author friend's novel... it's sooooo good so far!)

Happy January!