Review: I LOVE ME NOT… I LOVE ME… by Kimberly Zink

TITLE: I Love Me, I Love Me Not
AUTHOR: Kimberly Zink
GENRE: Non-Fiction, Personal Growth
PUBLISHED: 2016 by Klemmer & Associates


(From the back of the book)
Rarely does a story like this come along. In I Love Me Not… I Love Me…, Kimberly Zink shares the heart-breaking details of her life with remarkable vulnerability and insightful courage. The journey is authentic and raw—from early sexual abuse to teenage pregnancy; from rape to alcohol abuse; from an abusive marriage to devastating illness. It is far more than most can imagine, let alone endure.

For years, Kimberly perceived herself as a victim. After all, that was the story she was given. How could someone like her—a dirty, broken, unloved girl—have a good life? After all the terrible things that had happened to her, how could she have happiness, wealth, and a great family? But Kimberly discovered that she had a choice. She had the ability—in every moment—to choose her own story, and so do you.

I Love Me Not… I Love Me… is Kimberly’s very personal gift to you. She shares the secrets that helped her to turn her life in a completely different direction., to find her gift and fulfill her purpose. Her message is life-changing. No matter who you are or where you have been in life. There are greater rewards, greater accomplishments, deeper connections waiting for you. You can truly have it all! You can change your present and your can change your future if you are just willing to learn from your past. You have the power to create the person you want to be and have the life you want to live!


I read this book in route to a seminar in which Kimberly Zink was teaching. She has a shocking story. As she tells her story, chapter by chapter, she shares her present-day revelations overcoming that trauma and pain. She dives into the pit of her abuse and pain, graciously sharing her deep revelations about the choices she made as a victim and how she is choosing to walk in victory now
There were chapters that made me cry and as she wrapped up each one, I could see the pain she is turning away from and the joy that results from healing. I appreciated the choice she made in being transparent to share her story and allowing us to learn from her. The overarching feeling I got from this book was, “If she can grow, heal, and change, so can I.”


I gladly give this a 5 rating: EXCELLENT read and worth every minute. I appreciated how easy it was to read. Her voice flows effortlessly from page to page making room for the deepest impact in the heart.

Knowing her story and seeing her in the seminar where she voiced a few of these stories, made it easy to open my own heart and let other people in. Kimberly truly is a gem.