Review: BEHIND THE MASK by Dana Ridenour

TITLE: Behind the Mask
AUTHOR: Dana Ridenour
GENRE: Suspense, Thriller (Adult)
PUBLISHED: WiseInk (April 5, 2016)
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(Courtesy of Goodreads)

That is the motto for the FBI's undercover program, and special agent Lexie Montgomery is just beginning to understand what that means. Lexie's first assignment is infiltrating a radical cell of the Animal Liberation Front. Underground and operating in splinter groups throughout Los Angeles, the only way in is through Savannah Riley, a new recruit.

Savannah left the safety of her small southern town for the bright lights of the city. Pulled into the animal rights movement by her college roommate and a gorgeous anarchist, she sinks deeper and deeper into the dark, paranoid world of ALF extremists.

As the actions of her cell escalate beyond simple demonstrations and graffiti, Savannah turns to Lexie to keep her grounded. But as the two women grow closer and the FBI's case builds, Lexie is forced to decide what betrayal really means.


What a great ride with Lexie on her first undercover mission. The story flowed effortlessly with a few tangled messes along the way. She is a interesting character with compassion and intellect. It was hard for me to separate my feelings from her mission as she too was getting wrapped up in her undercover life.

I related a lot with Savannah, the innocent small town girl. She was caught up in a world that stomped over her. She provided depth to the story with one foot in the real world.


Behind the Mask is a well-written suspense, mystery that wouldn’t let me put it down. I was transported to Lexie’s mission, worrying for her and stressing about the lies she had to tell. I got caught up in the California setting and the mess the characters made for themselves. I rate it at a 4 out of 5, a very good read!


Not recommended for teens. This is definitely an adult novel, maybe even New Adult, as it includes college students. But there are some R rated scenes and R rated language.