A Left Turn

In the spring of this year, I was offered a publishing deal. I assessed what they were offering me—a non-traditional deal where they do the editing, book cover, and formatting, but they wouldn’t do the marketing and distribution. I would also have to pay them a large sum up front for all their work. It would have been quality work. They are a good company with high standards. But there were things echoing through my mind about what I wanted and what I don't.

It is extremely difficult to get an agent or a publisher’s attention. I had been going that traditional route of querying and querying like crazy. Rejection wasn’t painful, but the more I thought about it, I realized that there is nothing traditional about me. I have been designing book covers for years. I’ve formatted other people’s books. So my husband and I are opening a publishing house (for all the work we already do and future books that come across our desk.) And best of all we will self-publish my first fiction novel: WINGBOUND.

The only thing I lacked was an editor. Through a writer-friend, I found an editor. We are assembling a publishing team, person by person. These are exciting times!

Where we are now

WINGBOUND is now in the hands of a professional editor. I told her to have no mercy, leave no phrase unturned. Slice and dice it. Make it clean and pretty. It’s a great story that deserves to be edited and perfected, so that it can read like a traditionally published book.

Where we are going

I’ve started designing the book cover, which I will reveal soon. I’ve started making lists of cool things I get to do to promote the book: pre-release sale, book reviewers, giveaways, blog book tours, and finally a Launch Party. It sounds like so much fun!