Rejection Road

Since the fall, I've been submitting Query Letters to Agents/Publishers all over the USA. Rejection letter, after rejection letter has led us to one cool January day when I'm cleaning my house for a showing. (We are selling our house.) If you've ever sold a house and had to have showings while you live there, you know how you start out super anal about where everything is in your home. We are at that point, but with FIVE children, it is difficult to make it perfect.

Last week, I was minding my own business, stressing out about the messy laundry room that is supposed to look like a room out of a magazine, I get an email. I pick up my phone, and a publisher has replied and said they like my manuscript! "I was very impressed," they said.

You would think that the dancing would have begun at that sentence, but it was more like shock. I actually thought to myself, "Hey, maybe I should query a few more places and get a few more rejections before I go with this one."

What the... what?

I actually had to sit and mull it over: a publisher wants to print my book. I had to consider what my original goal was for this book: Get it published.


Then it hits me two hours later after the cleaning was complete. I HAVE A PUBLISHER WANTING TO PRINT MY BOOK! Woohoo!

Rejection Road has come to an abrupt end.

Let's do this!