Secrets of the Supernatural: Supernatural Superpowers

The Bible describes supernatural gifts. On a deliverance team, there are usually a wide variety of giftings represented.

“And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days.” (Joel 2:28-29)
In case you’re unaware, right now is “those days.” And what awesome days they are! The God-of-all-time has given us the gift of dreaming and seeing visions about things we wouldn’t otherwise know. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s the coolest thing since Jesus defied death! We have super powers!
I’d love to share with you all the different giftings I’ve seen used at Bear Creek Ranch in deliverance sessions.  (There may be more than I have on this list. Post yours if I missed it.)


Seers must be trained to interpret what they see (aka: discerning between spirits) so that a functional name of the ruling demon can be revealed in a deliverance session. They can be interpreted according to God’s code book (the Bible).
·    VISIONS: Many people see a picture or movie in their minds. They see a metaphor for the demon’s function, seeing with their “spiritual eyes.” (It’s like using your imagination, but inspired by the Holy Spirit.)
Objects can symbolize the demon’s function: “I see vines wrapped around your legs.” Things hindering the spiritual “feet” can be associated with “the Christian walk” and often represent a religious spirit.
Actions can represent the function: “I see an angry bull with nostrils flaring and digging its hoof into the ground.” This can symbolize a spirit of anger.
·    OPEN VISIONS: Some people have seen into the spirit realm with their physical eyeballs. I would imagine Jesus saw the demons with his real eyes… He is, after all, all God and all man. Nothing surprises or scares Him, I’m sure. But for us weak and failing humans, open visions are crazy powerful!


*Bling* “It’s a Spirit of Fear.” Some people just plain know what the demon’s functional name is. It’s like they download a name from the Holy Spirit and no interpretation is needed. (Here’s a {{HUG}} for all the Knowers. What a simple and cool gift!)
Similarly, some the hear words inside their head like the “still, small voice” of God.


This is an interesting category too. Some people can sense that something or someone is present. (Like when you have that creepy sensation that someone is looking at you.) This can manifest in different ways and they too must interpret the sensations.
·    EMOTIONAL SENSOR: Some can emotionally sense the demon’s intent or function in the person’s life.
“I sense that she feels very afraid and alone.” This can be interpreted as a spirit of fear or even a spirit of abandonment.
·    PHYSICAL SENSOR: I’ve only met a few people who actually, physically feel the function of a spirit. A tight squeeze in the chest, heart palpitations, pressure in an arm or leg, and other things.
“I felt the presence of a false crown on my head.” This can symbolize a number of different things—too many to list here.
·    SMELL: This is a weird one but there has even been someone who could smell different things wafting through the spirit realm. It is usually just representative of objects that can be interpreted according to the Bible.


This one’s pretty cool. There are those who get an idea in their spirit of a Bible verse to be used in the sessions. This is one gigantic reason to memorize Scripture, or at least read it so you know where things are found.
The Holy Spirit leads this person to a verse and sometimes it can be interpreted as the function of the demon. Some verses are a call to war, or rest, or change, or growth or some other form of encouragement. The power of God’s word is really potent in a deliverance session.
Regardless of how we get our information from the Holy Spirit, we must all learn how to interpret what we see, sense, and download from the Eternal King. It’s fantastic to know we can have this connection with Him. The Old Testament people didn’t have the help of the Holy Spirit. What a bummer!
You have giftings too. Maybe they aren't obvious yet. Or maybe they've been obvious since you were little. I saw demonic activity around me as a little kid causing me to be really fearful. A friend of mine could physically feel demons pulling her in all directions as a kid. Sometimes the grownups in our lives have a hard time believing our claims. (Remember the boogieman?) It's not just our imagination, they are real.

We may want to shut them off, but these Supernatural Superpowers can be used and developed for good. For example: in deliverance ministry, giving someone encouragement, helping someone who is in trouble, protecting yourself spiritually, and best of all to make us closer to the heart of the Father of Eternity. (These gifts can also be counterfeited & used by the enemy--but more on that later.)
I challenge you to practice your giftings. How? Just ask Him! “Fill me with your Holy Spirit. Open my eyes, ears, nose, spirit, so I can know straight from You. Show me something today that I wouldn’t otherwise know.” Spiritual gifts are for today, for you!