Secrets of the Supernatural: How to Spiritually House-Clean

After deliverance we recommend doing a whole-house cleaning (and when moving into a new house.) If there has been any sort of spiritual activity (other than that of the Holy Spirit) we also recommending cleaning house.

If you pay a mortgage, own it outright, pay rent, or have permission from the owner to occupy the place in which you reside, you have all the authority you need to take dominion over your home. Go from room to room, preferably from one end of the house to the other and from top to bottom. In each room, command any unclean spirits to leave and pray protection over it. Here is a step by step guide on what we do in each room.

Step 1: Take Authority. All authority is given to us from through Jesus’ name to cast out demons.

Say: “If there are any unclean spirits within the sound of my voice, I command you to leave, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Son of the Living God, the one who died on the cross, rose again on the third day and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father interceding for me. Go now, chased by the angel of the Lord.”

Step 2: Fill it up. Replace the darkness with light. He gave us charge over the angels; use them to set up protection throughout your home and invite the Holy Spirit too.

Say: “Lord, stand an angel in the four corners of this room to guard us. Fill this room with your Holy Spirit.”

Step 3: Seal it up. If it is a child’s bedroom (or my own bedroom) I ask that the angels cover every surface, floor, ceiling and all walls, windows and doors to enclose it and let no unclean spirit pass.

If the child is a “seer” I also ask the angels not to move or let themselves be seen by the child. Sometimes children aren’t just frightened of demons, some see the angels too. The angel Gabriel had to warn people not to freak out because angels can be quite alarming to see. The Bible says they look like they are wearing garments like lightning.

The Cleaning Schedule

If all members of your household are demon-free, you may not have to clean your house very often. But if you have people coming and going from your home on a regular basis who have not gone through Prophetic Deliverance, you may eventually find that a house cleaning would be beneficial every so often.

Periodically in our home, we find that there is a lot of stuff hitting the fan or chaos swirling about and we realize that it is time to do another house cleaning. Sometimes after we’ve had guests, there seems to have a lingering affect. (I sometimes feel like I’m being watched.)

The demons know they have to right to stay, but someone’s got to tell them to leave. Especially before they start meddling.

If you have family members who have not gone through deliverance, it may be good to clean more often. A friend of mine admitted that during the years before her husband had undergone deliverance that she would clean the whole house periodically, but also, there was one specific room she kept for herself. She asked that he didn’t go into that room. It may seem silly, but for those who are overly sensitive to the supernatural, it is helpful.

The time you should most definitely clean a specific room, is when your children are sensing an unclean spirit. Sometimes in the hubbub of our daily lives we forget to slow down and recognize when things are getting crazy. “Drama” is a sure sign in my home that something is amiss. If one of my children has seen something, it is time for their room to be cleaned spiritually. If they’ve had bad dreams for two or more nights in a row, we clean. These are just some examples, but other homes may be different.

Keep your spiritual senses on so that the little ones don’t get caught in the crossfire. They are our weakest links and deserve the strongest protection. Another friend of mine, Lana, told me how several nights in a row her two year old girl had woken up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t go back to sleep. She brought her in her own bed for a little while, but then tried to put her back in her own room and the child would not go back to sleep. The little girl kept complaining about a dog. Lana’s natural mind said, “Oh, the barking dog next door must be keeping her up.” She never considered that something in the spirit realm was keeping her awake. She ended up cleaning her room and the trouble ended.

We must stay alert and remember that even though it is invisible, it is still affecting us and our children.

When our children are under attack, we should defend our kingdom by commanding anything unclean to get out and fill the place with the peace that passes all understanding.

I work in Christian deliverance ministry with Bear Creek Ranch using Prophetic Deliverance. This post is pulled from a booklet called "Raising Supernatural Superheroes" by myself (Heather Trim) and Tim Mather. It will soon be available in print. (Other topics include:  Talking to kids about the spiritual realm, Teaching kids to guard themselves, and Encouraging spiritual gifts.)

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