TITLE: The Dangerous Edge of Things
AUTHOR: Tina Whittle Web, Blog 
GENRE: Adult, Mystery, Suspense
PUBLISHED: Poison Pen Press (Feb 1, 2011)
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Tai Randolph thinks inheriting a Confederate themed gun shop is her biggest headache -until she finds a murdered corpse in her brother's driveway. Suddenly, she has to worry about clearing her own name, not just that of her wayward brother.

Complicating her search for answers is Trey Seaver, field agent for an exclusive corporate security firm hired to investigate the crime. Still in recovery from a car accident leaving him cognitively and emotionally damaged, Trey has constructed a world of certainty and routine. The last thing he wants is an unpredictable girl getting in the way.

But it takes another murder - and threats to her own life - to make Tai realize that to solve this crime, she has to trust the most dangerous man she's ever met.


THE DANGEROUS EDGE OF THINGS by Tina Whittle is a fantastic murder mystery with a cast of lively characters. The main character, Tai, is a sassy woman with a flair for disregarding authority. She is hooked into helping solve the mystery of a murder that happens in her brother’s driveway.
Watching crime shows one loses the gut reactions of how it would really feel seeing a dead person. But in the first chapter Tai shows a very real reaction to the gore.
The tone of the book is set right away through Tai’s bold and witty voice. I found myself laughing at a lot of things she said throughout the entire story. She gave an edge to what was ordinary.
I always love when characters contrast and Trey Sever is quite the contrast to Tai’s unruly nature. Trey is a field agent for the corporate security firm hired to investigate the murder. He is almost robotic in every action because of the accident that left him as a blank slate. He still functioned exceptionally as an agent and followed rules precisely. His world is thrown into chaos when he’s assigned to protect Tai.
I couldn’t put the book down, with page after page of questions being answered and more questions presenting themselves. Tai’s unorthodox way of investigating was surprisingly fresh. She had a stake in the solving of the crime and couldn’t walk away until every last detail came to fruition. I had no idea how it would finally end and when I finally got there, I was thrilled with the outcome.


I rate this book at a 4. Very Good, worth the read time invested. Tina Whittle weaves a great story with vibrant characters that keep you cheering for them. Apparently this will be the first of three books and I anxiously await the next!!


I’d gladly recommend it to anyone who loves a good mystery that keeps piling on the suspense, slathering it with humor, with a romantic cherry on top. Yum!


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