Author Q&A: Tina Whittle

BOOK: The Dangerous Edge of Things
RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2011
I caught up with Tina Whittle, author of THE DANGEROUS EDGE OF THINGS this week. She’s excited to announce the release of her debut novel, a murder mystery piled with suspense, slathered in humor, with a romantic cherry on top. We met up at our mutually favorite coffee shop (The Daily Grind, Statesboro, GA) and she agreed to answer some fun questions:
Tina: It started out as a short story I wrote for a writing class. My instructor suggested I submit it to a writing contest sponsored by Gulf Stream Magazine. It went on to win first place. The main character I created in that story was Tai Randolf, a southern-spitfire of a woman who is now the protagonist in my novel.
HT: How much are you like your main character, Tai Randolf?
Tina: {Laughs} I think she is who I’d like to be, if I could. I think I would like to be absolutely sure that my way is the best way. I think that is her guiding principle in life, even if she has doubts, but she just does what she feels right.
HT: Where did you come up with Trey Seaver?
Tina: I read an interesting article about Aphasic Stroke victims whose brains have been damaged, making them unable to communicate but became better at lie detecting, almost CIA quality without training. The more I learned about different kinds of brain damage, I decided that would make an interesting character.
HT: Will this be part of a series?
Tina: Yes, of course! A trilogy.
HT: Can you share any details about the next book? Pretty please?!
Tina: Sure, it is again set in Atlanta and features the world of spoken word poetry, which is big in Atlanta. It’s one of the finest places on the planet to go hear some really good spoken word poets. So the second book is a mystery based in that sub-culture of spoken word poetry.
HT: What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk?
Tina: When I’m trying to get into a character’s frame of mind, I tend to “be” that character for a while. I act like them, speak like them, just to try out what it’s like to be in their head. It gets me in trouble sometimes. I’ve jumped into Trey’s head a couple of times: order, control, no smiling, no laughing, no looking off to the side. But not in psychopathic way! {Laughs}



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