Review: BODYGUARD OF LIES by Bob Mayer

TITLE: Bodyguard of Lies
AUTHOR: Bob Mayer ~ Web, Blog
GENRE: Suspense, Spy, Thriller
PUBLISHED: Who Dares Wins Publishing (2010)
FORMAT: Kindle
SOURCE: ARC Provided by Publisher


Hidden deep within the United States, the Cellar is a secret spy organization who polices the world of covert operations.
Two women from completely different walks of life are thrown into a dangerous fight for their lives like a modern day Thelma and Louise. Neeley is the lover and apprentice of one of the Cellar’s now dead operative, Anthony Gant. After his death, Neeley searches out the mysteries that Gant left behind. Hannah is a rich housewife whose husband mysteriously leaves her and is connected to Gant’s secret. When they meet a plan is set in motion to uncover the dangerous secrets that someone high up in the government is trying to keep buried.


Neeley is a sexy, dangerous assassin who seems to not have a conscience. But as Hannah talks and opens her up, we see the layered person that she really is. I found her character even more intriguing than Lisbeth in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.’
Hannah is a surprising character to the degree that I need to read the second book to see how her life pans out. She starts out a depressed, everyday-average housewife whose husband disappears. When Neeley finds her they are forced together to escape death. But Hannah handles being pursued by dangerous, hired gun, Racine, sent by the Cellar, like she might handle a mix up at the grocery store.
Racine, the crazy assassin chasing them, is seriously screwed up. Everything he does is creepy, even the tone of his narrative creeped me out.
‘Bodyguard of Lies’ is very well told and the plot is exciting and fresh. With a dash of intrigue and a pinch of thriller, this book held me to the very last page. The first 25% of the book is character development, but worth it for the investment in Neeley and Hannah. If you can get past that, you’ll love the rest. I love endings that I don’t see coming. The end is guaranteed to surprise.


I’d rate this book as a 4: Very Good. It was very good because of the thrilling surprises and deep characters. I got this book from Amazon for $2.99 and it was totally worth the time and money. 
"In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." ~ Winston Churchill


I’d recommend this book for adults only, because of the violence and two rather creepy incidences. If it were a movie, it would defiantly be rated R. If you like spy stories of intrigue and suspense, you're sure to love this book.

**UPDATE** When I first posted this review in January 2011, I had mentioned only “one bad thing” about this book was the cover. It was a drab military green with a faded American flag. They have since changed the cover and it’s vibrant and eye catching!