A Dream Becomes Reality

We have finished the 2015 retreat year at Bear Creek Ranch with a brand new retreat: The Family Deliverance Retreat. I spent months writing the materials. It is has been quite a challenge. But it has been on my heart for years.

It all began with a dream...

I dreamed someone called me and told me about some dead children. I went to where they were. They were in a heap in a back closet of a house--lifeless. I was so sad to see them like that. I wanted to help all of them. I didn't care how many were there. I just began to pray, inviting the Holy Spirit to fill their little bodies and activate their brains and bodies. 
I spoke life into the dead children, and spoke God’s powerful virtue on them. I continuously prayed for quite some time when one of the children began to move. She curled her fingers, then moved her head to the side. I kept speaking life into her body and prayed the Holy Spirit would bring her back to life. Finally, she got up as if she had just woken up from a deep sleep. She was a sweet little girl about four years old with brown hair and I gave her a hug. A second child began to move, a little baby girl with very little blonde hair on her head, about one year old. She came to me and I held her along with the first girl.
I was so overjoyed I continued to pray over the other children in the closet. One by one they got up and I came to them. There were four boys. I held them and tried not to cry so they weren’t scared. My heart was full and I couldn’t believe what I had just done. It was a miracle. Six miracles.
On December 11-12, 2015 we traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio to meet with 6 families and do deliverance on 21 children. Their children were so well behaved and kind. I was grateful to see that not all of them were demonized. God is so gracious and loving. His heart for children is so BIG. This is the start of something miraculous!
We sat with the parents and discussed how demonization happens and we presented them with a few tools to add to their "parenting toolbox" for healing their little souls and how to bring Light to their hearts.

Thank you to all who made this pilot retreat a success: the Team Members, Intercessors, and the families who attended. Thank you for allowing us to speak life into your children. May you heal together and grow closer in relationship. 

For more info on the Family Deliverance Retreat, go to BearCreekPortal.com.