Kevin & Heather's Excellent Adventure

This is a letter from my husband to our ministry friends and family. But I also wanted to share it with my blog friends to update you all on our ministry adventures.

Dear Family and Friends,

I wanted to share some exciting news. Heather and I are embarking on a new journey, fulfilling a lifelong dream. We are going into full-time ministry with a ministry close to our hearts and family - Bear Creek Ranch!

During a mission trip to India in 1994, the Lord gave me a vision. I saw myself ministering to children, teens and adults over the course of my life. Since then, He has been preparing me by giving me a lovely wife as a partner in ministry and five awesome kids. Over the last twelve years, we have been birthing and growing the ministry of Bear Creek Ranch. We do prophetic ministry, deliverance, and teaching about wholeness and inner healing on the weekends and every moment we can spare, ministering to 30-50 people a month.

Along with this, Heather and I also oversee the ministry's Marketing and Communications, retreat interviews and registration, retreat food preparation, manage the Bear Creek bookstore and assist with general property upkeep and repairs.

As you can imagine, as the ministry has grown, the time our family invests in its operations has grown, too. I am thrilled to share that the Lord has led me to leave my "traditional" day job and work full-time to further this ministry, bringing healing to the broken and freedom to the captives!
We find it absolutely imperative that our friends and family keep us in prayer as we step out in faith for this next step. Please pray that He will take care of my family. If you'd like to help financially support us during this new adventure, there are two ways you can do that.
  • Donate through PayPal - Visit Click on the "Donate" button right on the home page. In the Notes, section, specify ""Operations" so that we know you are supporting my family specifically.
  • Or donate by check - Simply make a check payable to Bear Creek Ranch with "Operations" in the memo line. Send it to: Bear Creek Ranch, 512 Scarboro Road, Portal, GA 30450.
We thank you and appreciate your prayers and any amount of support you feel led to give. We believe wholeheartedly in team ministry, and we never work without back-up intercession!

Kevin Trim
Bear Creek Ranch

Kevin Trim

Kevin has been a Prophetic Deliverance team leader for quite some time. He has been working on the kitchen staff since January of this year. Now that he is working full-time with Bear Creek Ranch, he can attend retreats starting on Fridays to do the introductions and welcome retreat attendees to the Ranch. He is the onsite master of ceremonies, per se. In addition, he is filling quite a handful of roles: registrar, client relations, housing, public relations, marketing, email communiqué and more.

Kevin's personal website:

Heather Trim

Heather has been Bear Creek Ranch's webmaster since we started. She's been volunteering her design skills and updating the website. Since January 2014 she has been heading up the Bear Creek kitchen during the retreats with food prep, serving and kitchen clean up. She also serves on a Prophetic Deliverance team.  

She has written a book called "Are My Children Demonized?" that helps parents understand how the spirit realm affects children. She has two more books in the works to help parents with supernatural issues concerning their children.

Heather blogs regularly about raising children, the supernatural, homeschooling and parenting in general.

The Trim Kids

Our children take turns doing ministry with us at each retreat. Daisy is going into 8th grade and is so good at hearing the Holy Spirit, so she is on a Prophetic Deliverance team regularly. She loves working in the kitchen baking and serving, too. Daphne is going into 7th grade and also serves on the prophetic teams periodically and helps with kitchen clean up. Gabriel is going into 5th grade and helps out by taking out the trash and starting bonfires. Amaryllis is going into 3rd grade and would love to sit on a prophetic team, but she can't quite sit still that long. She helps clean up in the kitchen though. Violet is going into 1st grade and does pretty good with kitchen clean up and putting clean dishes away. We involve our children in ministry as much as they are able and look forward to having them by our side in each element as they grow!

We are so excited about this next season of our life finally beginning. What an answer to prayer and fullfilment of several things in ministry.