Raising Royalty: The First Date & First Ring

Our oldest has just turned 13 years old!

We wanted to celebrate her in a special way this year. She has already been initiated into womanhood and started her woman lessons. It was now daddy's turn to make an impression on her heart and life. He made his plans and I tagged along to watch the wonderful day unfold.

A couple days before her 13th birthday, (after she already planned a birthday party with a couple friends) Daddy invited her on a "date." He said he wanted to take her somewhere special, and little did she know how unique this birthday would be.

Her birthday was on a Friday and he was able to take that day off from work. (Which, in my opinion said something about what he was willing to do to have a special day with her.) So Friday morning we all got up (I took the other kids to grandma's house) and then we made our way out of town for the day.
He drove us into the heart of historic downtown Savannah. He parked and we walked down the brick sidewalk and around the corner to Forsyth Park with the city's largest and prettiest fountain. Daisy soaked in the sunny morning and tossed a penny into the fountain. She turned back to her daddy who was down on one knee. He opened a small ring box. She didn't quite know what he was doing until he started to speak. He made her a promise, and this ring is a symbol of that promise.

He promised to continue to be a good dad and show her what a good husband is like, so that when the time comes to find her future husband, she will know what to look for. He promised to continue to keep his fatherly covering over her until she is married. The covering to him represents providing four things: Safety Security, Comfort, and Intimacy. He promised to keep her safe (externally), help make her feel secure (internally-secure in who she is and her role in life), give her all the comforts she needs, and provide intimacy (knowing her deeply.)

It was beautiful. He said he was just as nervous to do this act of love for his first-born as he was when he proposed to me.

All she did was smile, and smile, and smile. He hugged her and she couldn't stop smiling.

I gave her a promise (one that I made when she "became a woman") to show her how to be a good woman and how to make good decisions.

As walked around the fountain and down through the park, Daddy told her how valuable the ring is. He told her it is actual white gold with a real diamond (her birthstone.) I think that was when it hit her what all of this meant. She realized what she had been given. Because up to this time, she was used to costume jewelry that turned her finger green, or wore out over time.
We continued our day to treat her like the princess she is. A latte at Starbucks. A date at Red Lobster where Daddy explained what we believe the covering is and that it is his responsibility as her dad to provide the things a woman needs because he values us the same way Christ values his "bride" and the same way God values Christ: with adoration.

A walk through the mall (our town doesn't really have a mall, so this was quite special.) We bough some treats at Savannah Sweets: Chocolate, candy, and lots of sugar. Finally, a stop at Build-A-Bear (because you are NEVER too old for a Pinky Pie stuffed pony!)

As we made our way home, with her floating on a cloud, we talked and talked about everything that she wanted to talk about. She said, "I thought last year was the best birthday I ever had. This one was the best. day. ever."

Ten points for Daddy!

We wrapped up the exciting birthday with a gathering of little girl-friends, cake, ice cream, and presents. I can't wait for the next brand new teenager. (Next year! And another one the year after that!)

I have loved every step of my children's lives (except potty training) and I look forward to each of the next steps (even the "dreaded teens!")