Puerto Rico Missions Trip: A Hunt for Healing

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you all so much for the support on my recent trip to Puerto Rico on February 25th through March 4th, 2014. The trip was, in one word, “awesome.” We ministered to hundreds of people in 7 different cities. The Team and I experienced God’s miracles through prophetic word, physical healings, and spoken blessings. We helped give out over 40 pairs of free custom made reading glasses, and participated in an Ordination service for two great pastors. I could write many testimonies about what happened but it would take too long. So I decided to share a few stories that occurred while I was there.

A Hunt for Healing

Treasure hunting is a prophetic evangelism ministry where we ask God for clues about a person(s) that He would like us to pray for. As we walk around the city and discover the clues he’s given us prophetically, we pray for anyone who is nearest those clues.

One of the days we started in a city called Fajardo, Puerto Rico’s northeastern-most city. We split up into teams and I was partnered with the team leader, Ray Maldonado, and one of the other team members, Dolly. We asked God for clues and Ray got “checkered shirt” and I got “blue building, staircase, and star.”

We had walked around for a half hour and prayed for several different people. We returned to the plaza (which is a park at the center of town) where we had started, when we saw a blue building. As we approached, we noticed a staircase around the side and there were even star graphics on the windows. We walked to the building and standing near a catering truck was a man wearing a plaid shirt. We asked him if he would like prayer and he said that his wife, Carmen, needed prayer for a back injury.
So the team and I prayed for healing for Carmen. After we prayed we asked her how she was feeling. She started to twist and turn with a surprised look on her face. She smiled, bent over and touched her toes. She started to cry and told us that she hadn’t been able to bend over for weeks because of her back pain. God had healed her on the spot. It was exciting and awing.

We then prayed for her husband, daughter, and even her two friends who were skeptical of the need for prayer. God led us to Carmen and we got to minister to her whole family all from a few clues. Thank God for His healing hand and His mysterious ways. To Him be the glory!

Honeymoon with God

Upon my return home, I was greeted with a warm hug from my wife, Heather Trim, yummy cupcakse from my children and a banner that said, "Welcome Home Daddy." After the reunion hugs, I gave them gifts and briefly shared some of the stories with them. As I reflect on my time in Puerto Rico I can't help but describe it as a honeymoon with God. Never before have I been in such a beautiful place and experienced such a deep relationship with God. I grew more in love with Him and our relationship has become greater than it has ever been.

Thanks again to all who graciously gave financially and prayed for me while I was gone. Your prayers were felt. Like every great movie, the actors on the screen get all the awards but it's the poeple behind the scenes that make a great movie what it really is. For all of you behind the scenes in this great adventure, I can't thank you enough. Because of your great support I got to stand in God's spotlight and star in His movie.
Kevin Trim