MFW Kindergarten Bible Cards & Badges Idea

I didn't really know what to do with the Bible Cards besides review them each day. But I knew I wanted to commit their little phrases to my Queen Vee's memory.

Concerning the Badges, I really don't have wall space for putting them on a poster. Plus, she is not a fan of wearing them on a necklace. So I made a folder/lapbook with both of these items where she can do a matching game for review and it has works fantastically.

Bible character cards
Double sided tape (or glue)
Self-adhesive Velcro

I just started the year with one folder. Day one I'd introduce the concept. On the third day we'd decorate the badge and tape it into the folder. We used Velcro to adhere the Bible character card to the folder right near the badge so that she could remove it and do a matching game as more were added.

Each third day when we added a new badge to the folder, we would pull all the cards off and she would tell them back to me and match them to the badges. As the folder filled up, I stapled another folder to the back.

We are now only a handful of lessons from being done and she has really loved making her own book. The weekly review of previous character concepts has really made it stick. We were reading the Bible with the big kids today and giving examples of doing right. Someone mentioned obeying their parents and Queen Vee announced, "I obey right away."

This folder/lapbook will be a great addition to her school portfolio and a sweet little keepsake.