When it All Goes Bad... Real Bad

So, you know how you see this mom in the grocery store and her children are all a walking quietly and helping without nagging for sugary cereal? You may think, "wow, she has it all together. What's wrong with me? Why can't I get my kids to be like that?"

Well, I am under the belief that it was a "good day" for her. We've all had a least ONE good day in public where none of my children have yelled "Hey mom, that guy has a really, really big butt." I wish for those good days every day. I get angry when I only get one of those in a week. This must be that week where nothing is going right, or on time, and Aunt Flo is here to visit. (TMI, sorry!)

Let's talk Mondays

Mondays suck. The kids were fancy free all weekend, you make big plans for getting up on time and starting school on time. But one thing after another goes wrong. Two-thirds of the kids are in slow motion, you want to motivate them with your outside voice, but when you asked the Lord to help you with patience this morning, you didn't really think that it would be a day where your patience wasn't tested, did you? (Oh, I did, isn't that so cute.)

I have GOT to stop asking him for help with the patience. Because he will orchestrate a patience party that involves 5 loud children, PMS and playdoh. But I found out this week that these little lessons have been doing me some good. I took a slow breath while my son was being stubborn during writing. (You know how writing is for some boys--hair pullingly difficult.) I didn't get angry, I just stared off in space and thought about what color I wanted to paint my bedroom when the master suite is done. They he blurted out the next thing he wanted to write, all on his own. I didn't even have to yell or say, "Focus!"

Patience. Hmmm, a fancy word for getting over yourself, taking a deep breath and let whatever it was... go.

No one has it all together

We all have bad days, weeks. Parenting is floppin' hard! So is homeschooling. But it is so worth it. Worth every sucky, eye-gouging minute!

I was thinking about my 12 year old the other day. She will be driving in 3 years... yikes. She will be graduating in 5 and a half years... oh dip! She could possibly be married off in 6 to 8 years... (tiny puke)

So, no matter how hard it is now, I will never get this time back. I only have 6-8 more years to be this close to her. To clean up her messes, teach her about life and God and boys. She will stop needing me as much as the years press on. Ugh!

I can have patience for all five of those wild, sugar crazed, gaming-obsessed, needy, loud children right now. Because one day my house will be empty and I don't want them to only remember an impatient, short tempered woman that has no self control. I can do it for them. With the help of my King and my other half--my husband Kevin. (Thanks Kevy for calming me down when I fail the patience test. Woohoo, to life!)

How was your week? It's okay to admit we don't have it all together. We are human mothers of human children. Crap is sure to happen...