Kids Talk of God

For one of Sir Handsome's language arts lessons he is reading Pedro's Journal. In it he prays to God. So I printed a prayer journal that goes along with The Lord's Prayer. The first line is "Our Father who is in heaven, hallowed be your name." So we found a website with the many names of God. He totally enjoyed reading the words that seemed to be so silly.

Here are a few he liked:
Jehovah-Tsidkenu -- The Lord our Righteousness
Jehovah-Eloheenu -- The Lord our God

Sir Handsome began to see a pattern and said "Jehova must mean 'the Lord.'" And then I had him pick out his favorite ones and write them in his prayer journal along with their meaning. (A little copywork practice.)

Then I had him write a prayer. (Creative writing practice.) Afterall, it is a prayer journal. This is where it got interesting and kinda sad. My boy only knows how to pray one way. He prayed for help for his daddy. A lovely thought and request. But I was wanting him to write something to God about who He is. To express worship. He had no idea what I meant.

So today at lunch we were all eating our "super healthy" Kraft Mac & Cheese and I talked about how when we pray we should tell God something good about Himself. So we went around the table and each of them told God something they like about Him.

Lady Pink went first. She talked about how she thought it was awesome how he made the whole world. She ended with, "I think You are really creative."

Sir Handsome said he liked that God was everlasting. I blew the kids minds a little bit when I told them he was never born and will never die.

Warrior Princess talked about God creating the earth and all the stuff in it. I was hoping she didn't copy Lady Pink when she said that God was really thoughtful.

Princess Buttercup talked about God was good at making the sky and the water. (They heard the creation story today, can you tell?)

Queen Vee said, "God, I think it's awesome that you never have to take a bath."

After we stoppped laughing hysterically Sir Handsome called God "Ever-Clean" and then we made up a new word "Omni-pleasant."

Kids say the best things about God!