Little Bit of Extras for MFW 1st Grade

st Grade is a complete and  well-put-together program that has a lot of meat to it. I don’t usually add a whole lot to a curriculum but my daughter who just completed 1st Grade is quite a crafty kid and kept requesting little crafts to do with her work. So this is a list of everything she did.

I’m mostly keeping this list so that when I do 1st grade with my last child (which will be in 2014) I can refer back to it and implement them. (Most of them link to a Pinterest pin but Pinterest is not organized enough for me.) I love to share. So for any of the moms doing MFW 1st Grade, you can use these ideas too. Enjoy!


Do-A-DotBible Verses – I love adding extra little fun things for my kids to do. If they learn from it, cool, if they hate it we skip it. Princess Buttercup especially loved doing these Do-A-Dot Bible Verse pages that I made (they are not fancy). I added directions to put a certain color dot on each of the vowels.

Dropsin the Bucket (Reading Level P) – I got this workbook free from my sister and started using it because Princess Buttercup wanted more worksheets to do (crazy, I know.) She is not an advanced reader at all, but these sheets helped her practice a handful of things that MFW hadn’t even touched on yet. (Rhyming, multi meaning words, opposites, etc.) It was fun and quick. By mid-year she was able to complete them independently. (We only did 1 sheet per week.)

Phonogram Tiles – Toward the end of our 1st grade year I found out All About Spelling uses these cool little tiles for each of the phonograms. I thought they would be a great manipulative to use with MFW 1st grade. Mama Jenn’s blog shows you how to make them for free. (I didn’t end up making them, but had purchased All About Spelling for my older kids. I plan to use the phonogram tiles for my next 1st grader. They would have been quite handy.)

Handwriting/Bible Copywork – Princess Buttercup wasn’t ready to copy the Bible verses and stay in the lines early in the year. So for the first 6 weeks of school I made free tracing sheets online at (You just type in the bible verse and print.)

I also noticed that she was writing some of her letters or numbers weird (for example: f, g, 2 and 4.) I would print a free tracing worksheet and have her practice those letters the next week. (Mondays usually.) I don’t like making her do work for no reason (especially handwriting.) She doesn’t like to write.

A few other places to find/make free tracing sheets or copywork sheets:

Bible Notebook Illustration – Princess Buttercup wasn’t very confident in her drawing ability early on, so I photocopied the pictures from the Bible Reader and let her color it, cut it out then paste it in the Bible Notebook for her illustrations.

Science and Bible Ideas by Day:

My daughter loves to make crafts and hang them around the house so I found a few ideas for her throughout the year. Some we did, some we didn’t. Don’t overload yourself.


Day 5 – Science: Things Close to the Ground – A cute little snack: Worms in dirt.

Day 10 – Science: Seasons – There were no suggestions in the TM for this week so I found a craft to do with making trees out of sticks to show the seasons. Ours didn’t turn out as pretty as this, it was just the inspiration. (We used construction paper, sticks and paper scraps for the leaves.)

Day 12 – The Vowel Song – I found this song on YouTube that helped reinforce the vowels sounds. It is super repetitious and annoying, but my girl loves songs. The information sticks. I let her listen to it anytime we talked about vowels.

Day 15 – Science: Flowers – We made a sunflower paper-craft. It was so simple and easy. We cut out the shape of a sunflower from yellow paper and glued sunflower seeds to the center.

Day 25 – Science: Rain – We wanted to make this cute little rain cloudcraft but didn’t get time. And because my girl loves to make noise, we made a rain stick.

Day 30 – Science: Thunder and Lightning – I found a blog with some cute ideas about thunderand lightning. We did the popcorn lesson. But the rest of it is cute too.

Day 40 – Science: Beach & Waves – I love sensory items so we made a water sensory bottle. So pretty! (Remember to glue shut!)

Day 45 – Science: Under the Sea – We made a cute little underwater craftwith goldfish. So cute!

Day 48 – Sight WordGames – MFW 1st Grade introduces sight words on day 48 and I found out weeks later that my girl remembers them better if I make a game out of it. Click the link to see each of the Sight Word Games I’ve posted so far. (I’ll try to post more!) For extra practice I add in some basic words that she was having trouble with, too.

**Also, another tip about Sight Words. I began to look ahead and introduce the new Sight Words the week before. That way she had them practiced by the time she needed to read them in the Bible Reader.

Day 50 – Science: Sun & Moon. I found a cool “phases of the moon” activity to make with Oreos. It was a fun learning experiment and treat.

Day 55 – Science: Volcanoes – Don’t worry, I didn’t do an exploding volcano! We just made a volcano paper craft.

Day 61 – Bible: Cain & Able – I always get Cain and Able confused, so we did a craft to help us tell them apart as a farmer and a shepherd.

Day 64 – Bible: Noah’s Ark – I didn’t want anything too complicated because we made a boat yesterday, so I just printed a coloring page.

Day 65 – Science: Rainbows – I didn’t find this craft until after the fact but I look forward to using it next time: a Rainbow Acrostic. I love any way I can bless my child with words!

Day 70 – Science: Snow & Ice – I love sensory bins so I plan to put together an ice sensory bin. Check this one out from another blog. Also, we can eat ice cream together.

Day 73 – Bible: Jacob – Watch “What’s in the Bible” Volume 2, Part 1 talks about a family that was part of God’s rescue plan.

Day 76 or 77 – Bible: Joseph – I had the idea to make Joseph’s vest out of a paper bag. We never got to it but it would be fun. Here’s ablog that shows how to make one.

*Watch VeggieTales: Little Joe.

(I didn’t continue with Science With Water or Science With Plants. Sorry! Princess Buttercup joined the big kids with their science study on the human body. And we were having a lot of fun with the Bible story crafts anyway.)

Day 81 – Bible: Moses is Born – I found this cute little baby Moses craft that I’d love to use. It is just too cute.

*We watched Disney’s Prince of Egypt. (I like to explain to my kids that Disney changed some of the details of the story.)

Day 83 – Bible: The Burning Bush – Here is a burning bush craft. We made ours from construction paper not a paper plate.

*What’s in the Bible Volume 2 (Part 2 talks about how the Israelites were saved from Egypt.)

Day 86 – Bible: The Ten Plagues – We did a complicated craft to memorize all the different plagues from 1+1+1=1. I’m not sure if we will use it next time.

*We watched this “Pharaoh, Pharaoh” song on YouTube.

Day 88 – Bible: Red Sea – We made Moses (and some Israelites) crossingthe red sea.

Day 93 – Bible: Ten Commandments – I printed a train with the TenCommandments on each train car (in black and white so she could color it.) It was a little tedious and Princess Buttercup got bored.

Day 98 – Bible: Jericho – We made trumpets out of rolled up paper. (The link is just to show you what I mean.)

*Watch VeggieTales: Josh and the Big Wall.

Day 103 – Bible: Ruth – Watch VeggieTales: Duke and the Great Pie War.

Day 106 – Bible: Samson – We printed a Samson Coloring page from 1+1+1=1. (Making a copy of the Bible Reader’s Samson picture works too.)

Day 108 – Bible: David & Goliath – We gathered 5 stones from the yard/driveway and painted them all different colors.

*Watch Veggie Tales: Dave and the Giant Pickle.

(We don’t own all of the Veggie Tales Videos so we only watched a few, but I thought I would list them all here in case someone else owns them all. Or you can find selections from each movie on YouTube.)

Day 118 – Bible: Jonah – There are so many ideas for Jonah. We didn’t even get to make anything this week. But here is what I wanted to make from a clothes pin. It’s funny.

*Watch Veggie Tales: Jonah.


Day 121 – Bible: The Fiery Furnace – Here is a cute little paper bagfiery furnace craft.

*Watch Veggie Tales: Rack Shack and Benny

Day 122 – Bible: Daniel and the Lions – Watch Veggie Tales: Where’s God When I’m Scared?

Day 123 – Bible: Esther – Watch Veggie Tales: Esther

New Testament – I didn’t find much in the way of NT crafts and enjoyed the fact that the year was winding down. I did use Drops in the Bucket about 2 to 3 times per week during the New Testament studies because the MFW phonics workbook was done.
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