Sight Word Game: Fried Eggs

This is a game I made last year for Princess Buttercup. (I may have found it on Pinterest--I'm not the original creator.) She loves learning with toys and things she can do with her hands. Buttercup finds doing flash cards boring, so to practice her Sight Words (memorizing words that are difficult to sound-out) I made her a cute little game.

I did a search for "eggs clip art" on Google, found a freebie and printed them out at 300% larger. I cut them apart and laminated each one. Then I took a sharpie and wrote out all of her current sight words on the back.

(FYI: When removing sharpie markers {from a smooth surface only} use a dry erase marker to scribble over the sharpie and wipe off. Love it!)

I place all the words face up and if she reads the word correctly she can FLIP the eggs over! (With a spatula from the kitchen.) She loves flipping those eggs. (She doesn't know it yet, but I'm training her to make me breakfast!)

I thought she might get bored with this game. (I only pull it out every other week.) I thought I would have to add a frying pan to make it interesting, but she still loves it! (And still remembers those sight words!)