TITLE: Prophetic Deliverance
AUTHOR: Tim Mather – Web, Blog
GENRE: Nonfiction, Christianity, Deliverance
PUBLISHED: Xulon Press (Oct 31, 2011)
SOURCE: Advance Reader Copy of Reprint
RATING: 5 - Excellent

Prophetic Deliverance is such a tool for freedom! The church has civilized out much of what makes us different from every other religious system: the supernatural. Jesus' mission statement in Luke 4:18-19 KJV includes the six supernatural elements of life in Christ: discovery of the good news of Kingdom life, healing for brokenness, freedom from demonic influences, new spiritual sight, liberty from Kingdom of Darkness thinking, and the revelation that we are now Father's favorite. None of them are automatic upon entrance into the Kingdom of Light. Rather, the revelations must be pursued, the healing apprehended, the sight revealed. Therefore, each and every person making their way into the Kingdom must actively undergo deliverance from the demonic.
Full Disclosure: This book was written by my father: Tim Mather. He asked me to edit for a reprint. So I figured I might as well do what I do: a book review.
This book presents the missing ministry of Jesus: Deliverance. Most churches don’t whisper a word about demons or deliverance. They pretend like they don’t exist except when bad things happen they refer to the devil, whom they approach as this omniscient, ever-present arch-emesis out to ruin their lives. This book brings truth and understanding about the supernatural and the demonic beings that function in many people’s lives, every day.
Prophetic Deliverance is about how Tim Mather came to work in deliverance ministry and the trials and errors along the way. It is not exactly a “How To” book, but “This is what I’ve learned to do and not to do.” He explains the supernatural and demonization simply, backed with scripture references and personal experience.
Demonization is presented as very real and very fixable through the use of the prophetic. This means that the deliverance teams rely wholly on the Holy Spirit telling the team members the name of just the “chief and ruling demon” to remove it and any other demons that may be present. Not a list, because—as stated in this book—demons function through a hierarchy. The teams depend on the Holy Spirit and not the symptoms of the person.

I rate this book as 5: Excellent and worth the time to not only read but to participate in a prophetic deliverance session. Tim and Katie Mather run weekend retreats for deliverance at their ranch once a month. ( I highly recommend checking it out.
I would recommend this book to any Christian that believes in the literal translation of the Bible and has had the revelation that there are strongholds or demonic influences holding them back. I would not recommend this to people who refuse to believe that demons exist. It may change your opinion.