Review: AVIELLE OF RHIA by Dia Calhoun

Avielle of RhiaTITLE: Avielle of Rhia
AUTHOR: Dia Calhoun – Web

GENRE: Young Adult, Fantasy
PUBLISHED: Marshall Cavendish Children's Books (Oct 2006)FORMAT: Hardcover
SOURCE: Borrowed from Library

SYNOPSIS:AVIELLE OF RHIA by Dia Calhoun  is about teenage Princess Avielle. She is a “silver skin,” a Rhian with silver coloring like that of her Dredonian neighbors and is shunned for resembling her evil Dredonian great-great grandmother. The entire royal family is wiped out one night by the nasty wizard-priests who rule Dredonia. Avielle escapes and goes into hiding in the home of a weaver and acts as her apprentice, soon discovering that she has a magical gift like many Dredonians. This small family-like community of shop owners provides her a safe place to experiment with her own magic fearing that she will turn evil like her ancestor. But eventually she needs to find the courage to face her magic and come forward as the princess to save her people.

REVIEW:This young adult fantasy novel was quite enjoyable at first. It captured me in the beginning, handed me an interesting character but then dragged out the constant waiting for something to happen. We as the reader know something is going to happen but have to wait a lengthy amount of time for it to happen. When it finally does, it’s awkward and anticlimactic because the main character does the opposite of what she is supposed to then changes her mind in the middle of it to bring the “good” and appropriate ending. It was odd.

RATING:I’d rate this book at 2. Fair, not quite worth it. I like fantasy novels so much I almost want to rate it higher but it just wasn’t very good. The ending was overdone and awkward which seals the low score. A lot of times, the names got in the way of the descriptions. Yet, it is rated for 8 year olds and up so maybe they would find this “coming of age” novel good especially for those who don’t feel comfortable in their own skin.